PlayStation Teams With U.N. to Combat Climate Change

PlayStation 4 Atsushi Morita - H 2015
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Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan announced the launch of the Playing for the Planet alliance, a partnership with the United Nations environment committee, and sustainability details for the company's upcoming PS5 console.

Sony's PlayStation has "joined forces" with the United Nations environment committee to work toward global sustainability goals through a new partnership, the Playing for the Planet alliance, Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan announced in a blog post Sunday.

"We believe that careful stewardship of natural resources is of utmost importance and are aligned with the mission and objectives of UN Environment," Ryan wrote. "Earlier this year, they created a new Youth and Environment Alliance and quickly realized partnering with the video game industry would help them reach their sustainable development goals."

Over the weekend, Ryan attended the U.N. Climate Summit in New York City, where world leaders gathered to discuss the issue of global climate change.

PlayStation has previously made efforts to reduce the consumption of power by its PlayStation 4 console, including energy saving modes. As a result, Ryan said that estimates of carbon emissions his company has avoided "amount to almost 16 million metric tons, increasing to 29 million metric tons over the course of the next 10 years (which equals the CO2 emissions for the nation of Denmark in 2017)."

As Sony gears up for the launch of its next-generation console, PlayStation 5, next November, Ryan and the company are looking ahead at how the new system can further decrease emissions and consume less energy. "I am also very pleased to announce the next generation PlayStation console will include the possibility to suspend gameplay with much lower power consumption than PS4," said Ryan. "If just one million users enable this feature, it would save equivalent to the average electricity use of 1,000 U.S. homes."

PlayStation will also be conducting a carbon footprint assessment of its gaming services. The company will share the data publicly once the study is completed. "Our commitments are not only related to hardware and operations, we are also keen to help inform people interested in sustainability goals," said Ryan.

PlayStation will also explore potential apps for its VR service that can raise awareness of climate change.

"There is an undeniable opportunity for leaders in the games industry to take a stand and support the U.N. Environment team by communicating the importance of preserving natural resources for generations to come," said Ryan. "We look forward to seeing what the industry can achieve together."