Pocket Gems Reviving 'Mean Girls' With New Mobile Game

Mean Girls Game - P 2015
Courtesy of Pocket Gems

Mean Girls Game - P 2015

The choose-your-own adventure story, which will be released later this year, will feature characters from the original film.

Talk about fetch. The Plastics are coming back thanks to a new Mean Girls mobile game from Pocket Gems. 

The free-to-play game, which will be released later this year, will combine Pocket Gems' animated interactive storytelling platform with original plots based on the 2004 comedy to create a choose-your-own-adventure gaming experience.

"Even though it's been a while since the movie came out, it's been a favorite for people at the company," says Pocket Gems' Jameel Khalfan. "It's a really good fit for the platform." 

Khalfan says Pocket Gems has worked closely with Paramount to ensure that the story stays true to original film's roots. He explains that the game will pick up after the events in the film, which stars Lindsay Lohan as a girl who transfers to public school and falls in with a group of stuck-up girls dubbed the Plastics led by Rachel McAdams' Regina George. In the game, players will enroll in the fictional high school as seniors and interact with characters from the film. "You as a user make choices that can affect the storyline," says Khalfan. "What clothing you are wearing, what you do, the characters that you talk to — every choice you make will affect what happens in the story." 

Sources tell the The Hollywood Reporter that Legally Blonde and 10 Things I Hate About You scribe Kirsten Smith is penning the mobile game's story alongside Marcy Kelly. The original screenplay was written by Tina Fey

The Mean Girls game is part of an effort by Pocket Gems to use its storytelling technology platform, known as Episodes, to create more games based on existing IP. "We see this as a natural progression for us," says Khalfan, explaining that the company has previously allowed people to create their own stories on the Episode platform and has hired writers to construct original choose-your-own-adventure tales.

Pocket Gems says it plans to develop additional interactive products based on Paramount movie franchises in the future.