'Point Break' Characters Headed to 'Payday 2' Online Game

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
Lionsgate's 'Point Break'

Lionsgate, Starbreeze and 505 Games are adding two heist storylines from the surf thriller as downloadable content.

Characters and heist storylines from the upcoming remake of the surf thriller Point Break are headed to computer screens.

Online game maker Starbreeze and 505 Games have pacted with Lionsgate, Alcon Entertainment and Warner Bros. to add downloadable content from Point Break to the Payday 2 heist game. Lionsgate and Starbreeze earlier added John Wick characters to Payday 2.

Point Break from Alcon Entertainment stars Luke Bracey, replacing Keanu Reeves as FBI agent Johnny Utah from Kathryn Bigelow's original 1991 film. Edgar Ramirez will fill Patrick Swayze's memorable role as Bodhi. Ericson Core directs the remake.

The latest branded Payday 2 game content features two Point Break heists: The Point Break Heists DLC, to retail at $6.99, and the Bodhi Character Pack DLC, adding the Bodhi character to the gang of heisters and available free for all game users.

The game content will be released on Dec. 3, the same day Point Break is released by Warner Bros. worldwide, and three weeks ahead of the U.S. release on Dec. 25.

"In working with our partners at Starbreeze on the upcoming John Wick VR game, we realized that we had an opportunity to build on that success with Point Break while also embarking on an unprecedented collaboration with our colleagues at Alcon and Warner Bros," Lionsgate president of interactive ventures and games Peter Levin said in a statement on Tuesday.

Lionsgate and Starbreze also developed the upcoming John Wick VR game, planned for release in spring 2016. First launched in 2011, Payday is a first-person shooter computer and video game franchise with more than 9 million players on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 devices.

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