PokeDates Is a New Service That Will Help You Find Your PokeMate

Poke Dates Screengrab - H 2016

Soulmates are overrated.

Catching 'em all can be lonesome work — but it doesn't have to be. 

Cue PokeDates, the inevitable dating website spawned from the Pokemon Go craze that's swept the nation. Single PokeTrainers can sign up for the service online, and, after sharing their training schedules, will be matched with like minded players for an IRL Pokemon Go date. Because nothing is more romantic than finding and capturing a rare Growlithe in the name of love. 

That true PokeLove will cost you, however. Each date has a $20 price tag attached — though the service is offering a special first-date-free promotion with the code, "POKEDATES2016."

The site is a new branch of Project Fixup, an offline-focused dating website which emphasizes real-life meet-ups rather than virtual swiping and messaging. Co-founder Sarah Press writes on the site, "We saw the phenomenal effects Pokemon GO has in bringing people together over this shared passion (dare we say obsession?) we knew we had to create PokéDates."