Poland Brings Media Law Up to EU Standards

Amendment to law will allow Oscars, Grammys and major sporting events to be re-broadcast on country's non-cable networks.

The Polish Government passed an amendment to Poland's media law, which brings it up to European Union standards, Film New Europe reported.

The amendment, passed on March 4, de-monopolizes brief coverage of "socially significant" events. This will allow the Oscars, Grammys and major international sporting events to be re-broadcast on networks other than cable channels in Poland. A broadcaster holding the rights to an event is obligated to allow other broadcasters to cover the event in a segment of more than 90 seconds.

The amendment preserves the recent ban on product placement, with exceptions for films and some TV programming. Productions containing product placement must be identified as such. Products are allowed to be used as awards or props free of charge.

The amendment also addresses advertising frequency. Feature films on TV can be interrupted with an commercial break every 45 minutes. Other programs can have commercials every 20 minutes on TV and every 10 minutes on the radio. News, religious, documentary and children's programs under a half-hour long cannot be interrupted with advertising. The ban on commercials on public television and radio is maintained.