Poland to Introduce 25 Percent Cash Rebates for Film Production

AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski
View of Warsaw

The new $23 million annual incentive will bring the country into line with most other Eastern European territories.

The Polish government is planning to introduce a 25 percent cash rebate for film production worth a total of around $23 million annually.

The fiscal incentive for producers, designed to boost domestic production and help attract foreign projects with Polish partners, will bring Poland into line with other European territories, most of which offer tax incentives for filmmakers.

The scheme, due to be introduced later this year subject to parliamentary approval, has been prepared by Poland's Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and is currently undergoing interministerial and industry consultations, Film Commission Poland says.

The aim of the incentive scheme "is to stimulate the Polish film industry, strengthen the local production sector and attract valuable foreign productions," the Film Commission said in a statement.

Key features of the scheme include an annual budget of around $23.5 million (22 million euros) to fund tax refunds of 25 percent on qualifying Polish production costs (including crew, goods and services purchased in Poland); and a "European Union-style cultural test, important in the case of location-based international productions."

Feature films (both live action and animated), documentaries and "high-end television dramas" will be eligible to apply for the rebates, which will apply to domestic films, co-productions and service providers.

International productions will need to partner with a Polish producer to benefit from the scheme, which will operate on a rolling system with no set deadlines for applications.

"Bigger international productions" will be required to "provide training places and production data in order to access the scheme," the Film Commission says.