Polanski lawyers disagree over extradition

Legal team now denies he may opt to go the U.S. voluntarily

BERLIN -- Roman Polanski's legal team now denies reports the 76-year-old director is considering traveling to the U.S. voluntarily to stand trial on a decades-old sex charge.

Polanski's French lawyer Herve Temime has said the director, currently in custody in Switzerland, will continue to fight extradition to U.S..

Earlier this week, Georges Kiejman, another member of the Polanski legal team, told French ratio that it was "not impossible" that the Oscar-winning director would choose extradition over a lengthy stay in a Swiss jail.

"There has been no change in strategy at all," Temime told Reuters. He denied there was any disagreement within the legal team concerning strategy in the case, insisting Kiejman's comments were "misunderstood."

A Swiss court has denied bail to the director, who was arrested in Zurich last month. U.S authorities have until the end of November to request his extradition. If Polanski decides to challenge it, the process could go on for years.

Polanski is wanted on charges dating back to 1977, when he pleaded guilty to having unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl. But the director fled the U.S. in 1978 before sentencing, fearing the judge intended to make an example of him and send him to jail for 50 years.