Images of Jennifer Lawrence, Adele to Go on Display at Polaroid Museum

Courtesy of Polaroid

This April in Las Vegas, Polaroid Fotobar will debut four new exhibits dedicated to images of celebrities.

Sure, there's nothing we love more than an Instagram shot (we dig the Sierra filter), but there's nothing quite like an old-school Polaroid. To celebrate the classic photo, Florida-based retailer Polaroid Fotobar is celebrating the opening of its flagship store inside The LINQ in Las Vegas this spring with four new exhibits at the Polaroid Museum, focused on Hollywood's most celebrated stars.

The exhibits will feature shots by photographers Lucas Michael, Maurizio Galimberti, Marc Serota and Maripol.

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Michael's photos from the 2013 Golden Globes will be displayed, featuring candid shots of Jennifer Lawrence, Adele, Bryan Cranston, Ben Affleck, Daniel Day-Lewis and the cast of Girls.

Galimberti, who has worked with Polaroid cameras since 1983, will showcase his portraits of Kate Winslet, Benicio Del Toro and Javier Bardem.

Serota utilized a multi-step image-transfer process to create his large collection of Polaroid portrait prints ("pictorial biographies"), which include shots of Paul McCartney, Roger Daltrey, Kenny Rogers and Gloria Estefan.

Maripol's selection of 75 shots that will appear in the exhibit include a young Madonna dancing the night away, Debbie Harry in a red sailor suit, and Andy Warhol walking the streets of New York.

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The works of these four artists will also join other exhibits, including Warhol’s "Capturing Celebrity," Tim Mantoani's "Behind Photographs," and the world-famous 20x24 Polaroid camera at the Polaroid Museum. The museum will also feature a history on Polaroid founder Edwin Land, as well as an extensive collection of rare artifacts, art and advertising from the Polaroid Historical Collection at MIT.

Peruse through the exhibits when the Polaroid Museum debuts April 17, with Polaroid Fotobar's flagship store opening March 31.