Police Hunt for Emmy Winning Producer Accused in Studio City Stabbing

Andre Bauth Screengrab H 2015
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Andre Bauth was accused of stabbing his tenant, actor Clayton Haymes, on Tuesday.

Emmy award-winning producer Andre Bauth is wanted by police after being accused of stabbing an actor earlier this week reports CBS Los Angeles

Bauth is accused of stabbing actor Clayton Haymes in the chest on Tuesday morning at a Studio City home. As of Thursday evening the LAPD was still searching for Bauth and has filed an attempted murder charge against the producer and issued a warrant for his arrest.  

Bauth was Hayme's landlord and the incident occurred, Hayme's claims, after the producer took exception to mockery from the actor and his friends when he said he would win five Oscars one day. 

“When he said ‘five Oscars,’ we all just kinda laughed a little bit, and he got really upset,” Haymes said. Bauth then allegedly chased Haymes threatening him with a knife before stabbing him in one of his lungs. 

In an emotional interview, Haymes told CBS Los Angeles that he was "happy to be alive" and couldn't understand why Bauth did what he's alleged to have done as they were "friends."

Aside from being tenant-landlord, Haymes and Bauth also had a professional relationship, both appearing in a film called El Landlord which Bauth produced. Somewhat eerily, Haymes said the film was about a man with Hollywood aspirations who rents out his home to people, and ends up killing some of his tenants. 

Born in Colombia, Bauth won an Emmy in 2015 as a producer on The Bay: The Series which took the prize in the Outstanding New Approaches Drama Series category. Bauth's other producing credits include the movies Haraka and A Place Called Hollywood