Police in Northern Ireland Reportedly Foil 'Game of Thrones' Terrorist Plot

Game of Thrones Season 5 Still - H 2015
Helen Sloan/HBO

Game of Thrones Season 5 Still - H 2015

A HBO source told THR that there's no truth in the report.

Police in Northern Ireland have foiled a terrorist plot targeting security guards working on the Game of Thrones set, reports the Belfast Telegraph.

Terrorists affiliated with the Republican movement, who seek a united Ireland, were planning to leave a bomb next to a catering unit at the Paint Hall Titanic Studios set where the security guards, many of whom are former police offers and British army personnel, would gather for meals. 

HBO sources, however, told The Hollywood Reporter that the alleged plot was "totally false" and that it "never happened." 

The Belfast Telegraph reported that it had seen security documents that revealed the plot was uncovered after a tip-off from an informant, who contacted an ex-police officer who in turn contacted politician Sammy Wilson and the Police Service of Northern Ireland. After the revelation of the plot a sophisticated security operation was put in place to protect personnel on the set. 

The increased security on the set made the terrorists abort their plan according to sources. The plot was foiled several months ago, but has been kept secret up till now. 

The Republican terrorists targeted the Game of Thrones set after learning that many of the security guards working there were ex-police officers and British army personnel. 

A police source, with knowledge of the plot, told Sunday Life, the sister paper of the Belfast Telegraph: "The dissidents initially got word that a number of ex-[Royal Ulster Constabulary] and army personnel worked at the studios.

"They were even told the exact job in which most of them were employed and the catering unit where they took their lunch and tea at the same time every day."

The source added: "Security around the Paint Hall was visibly increased, and because of this the dissidents never went ahead with the plan."

Game of Thrones has proved a huge boon to Northern Ireland, attracting tourists and other big Hollywood and international film and TV productions. 

Mar. 10, 9.07 p.m. Updated with HBO source debunking the report.