Police Not Investigating 'Charmed' Actress Rose McGowan's 'Knockout' Attack Claim

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Rose McGowan

“Venice! Evil guy was wearing a mask. He was on a skateboard. Too fast. I chased," the actress tweeted.

Police said Friday they are not investigating a “knockout” attack brought to their attention by actress Rose McGowan, who says she witnessed a young man randomly punching an elderly man and then attempted to chase the culprit.

McGowan, known for her roles in TV shows like Charmed and Nip/Tuck, as well as for her 3-year romantic relationship with musician Marilyn Manson, on Thursday tweeted: “I just witnessed a 65 year old man get punched by an evil guy playing that goddamn knockout game.”

She said the attack occurred in Venice, Calif, and later tweeted: “Venice! Evil guy was wearing a mask. He was on a skateboard. Too fast. I chased.”

She also tweeted that the victim was bleeding from the ear and that she called an ambulance. Also, that his little dog tried to protect him.

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The Los Angeles Police Department’s Pacific Division tweeted at McGowan on Friday asking her where the incident occurred, and she informed them it was at the “Wakefield & Venice boardwalk.”

Despite the detailed description, the division’s Lt. Mark Day said that no investigation is underway because no victim has stepped forward.

“We haven’t located an incident. It was actually the media who alerted us to this, but we can’t find anything,” Day said. “There’s no investigation until somebody comes forward. We need to make contact with a victim.”

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Day added that it’s possible a different division within LAPD may be on the case, but Officer Rosario Herrera of the LAPD’s Media Relations Section also said that “there is no victim, and there was no report taken.”

The so-called “knockout game” is a recent trend where teenagers randomly sucker-punch a stranger in an effort to knock them out with one punch. Authorities say that at least seven knockout attacks have occurred in New York and others have been logged in Illinois, Missouri, Washington and elsewhere.

McGowan was unavailable for comment.

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