Police Remove Gun from Frankie Muniz's Home

His girlfriend claims the Malcolm in the Middle star held a loaded gun against his head during a fight Friday night.

Police removed a gun from Frankie Muniz's home after he got into a fight with a girlfriend.

According to a police report obtained by the Associated Press, Elycia Turnbow says the Malcolm in the Middle star pulled a gun out and held it against his head on Friday night during a fight about prior relationships.

Turnbow told police she was worried Muniz might be suicidal, so she called one of his bandmates to take him to the hospital.

Muniz told police the gun wasn't loaded. The Arizona Republic, however, says the gun was loaded when police retrieved it from a downstairs closet.

A publicist for Muniz says the he wasn't arrested, was not suicidal and Turnbow was not assaulted.