Poll: Cast the Inevitable Sony Hack Movie

Amy Pascal Kim Jung Un Seth Rogan Split - H 2014
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Amy Pascal Kim Jung Un Seth Rogan Split - H 2014

From Amy Pascal to Seth Rogen and Kim Jong Un: Who should play the central figures in Hollywood's most addictive new drama?

Sony Pictures has had a lot of success with controversial ripped-from-the-headlines dramas like 2010's The Social Network (about the infighting that led to the founding of Facebook) and 2012's Zero Dark Thirty (a much-disputed recreation of the hunt for Osama Bin Laden). Now it finds itself at the center of one such drama — in the form of a devastating corporate hack and subsequent nail-biter over the release of its incendiary comedy, The Interview.

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The question now remains: With Sony out of the running (presumably?), who in Hollywood can best transform this sensational true story of clashing showbiz egos and geopolitical warfare into the savage insider dramedy it was clearly meant to be? And, more importantly, who will take on the starring roles? The Hollywood Reporter has narrowed it down to three perfect candidates to play the key figures in a screen adaptation of the Sony Hack saga. Now it's your turn to decide who gets the part.