Poll: Katy Perry Influences Young Voters More than Older Voters

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To see where U.S. politics are trending, look at how differently the singer affects younger and older voters.

Likely voters under 35 find Katy Perry eight times more credible as a political spokesperson than older voters do, an Oct. 29 poll by Penn Schoen Berland for The Hollywood Reporter reveals.

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More than seven times as many under-35 voters than over-35 voters said that Perry influences them to vote for Democrats. 

Most young voters polled -- 65 percent of those were under 35 -- think Perry helps the cause she supports versus only 53 percent of over-35 voters. "Sixteen percent of under-35 voters said Katy Perry is credible or trustworthy when expressing political views," said THR pollster Jon Penn. "Only 2 percent of over-44 voters find her credible. That's a huge difference." (Surprisingly, voters aged 45-64 respect her more than voters 35-44: three percent versus one percent.)

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Older voters may think Perry is discredited by her sexualized look and hit tune "Last Friday Night," about alcoholic blackouts, menage a trois and disgraceful pictures posted on the Internet. But Perry makes younger voters listen up.

And the internet is very much involved in their opinions. Only one percent of voters 45-64 admit that celebrity messages on the Internet affect their decisions on who to vote for. In the 35-44 demographic, three percent say they're influenced. But a whopping 15 percent of under-35 voters let celebs' Internet advice sway their vote -- 15 times as many as voters over 44.

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The bottom line: Older voters dismiss Perry as a bit of insignificant fluff, but younger voters are pretty sure she rules.

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