Poll: 'Transformers' tops Super Bowl movie ads

'Star Trek' commercial also fares well

It looks like Paramount's pricey Super Bowl spots for a pair of summer tentpoles worked well as surveys found TV viewers responding positively to trailers for "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and "Star Trek."

The ads for the June 26 "Transformers" sequel topped MovieTickets.com's survey of most memorable Super Bowl spots, with 83% of 1,360 respondents saying they remembered the trailer. Par's trailer for May 8 release "Star Trek" was remembered by a second-best 79% of those responding to the online ticketer's Web site poll.

Universal's trailer for its June 5 adventure pic "Land of the Lost" was roughly midpack among the 10 movie trailers that studios squeezed into the Super Bowl telecast, with some 75% of respondents remembering the "Land" spot. Sony comedy "The Year One" finished 10th in the poll, with only 34% of respondents remembering its trailer.

TiVo confirmed the popularity of "Revenge," saying it was the first movie ad in six years to crack its list of the Top 10 most popular Super Bowl ads, based on the commercials its users rewind and view multiple times.

In 2003, "Bruce Almighty" and "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" made TiVo's Top 10 list.

The popularity of the commercial for "Revenge," a DreamWorks production, is in direct contrast to the unpopularity of the more-hyped 3-D commercial for "Monsters vs. Aliens" from DreamWorks Animation. That ad barely cracked TiVo's list of the 50 most popular ads featured on this year's Super Bowl telecast. The ad fared better on the MovieTickets.com poll, coming in third.