Hollywood Reporter Reader Poll: What Is Your Favorite Christmas Movie?

Elf, Home Alone, Love Actually, Miracle on 34th Street - Photofest stills - Split - H 2019

Vote for your favorite and see which of these 16 classics the readers prefer.

'Tis the season for watching the very best Christmas movies. 

Stories centered on the holiday have been entertaining audiences for decades. Does the sentimentality of the golden age Miracle on 34th Street (or its 1994 remake) warm the cockles of a grinch-like heart? Though it wasn't originally a hit, the appeal of It's a Wonderful Life has grown to make it such a seminal holiday classic that movie theaters often hold screenings on Christmas Eve. Perhaps you like your Christmas with a side of comedy. Whether it's the raucous Bad Santa, the zany Schwarzenegger-led Jingle All the Way, or the firearm-guidance of A Christmas Story, there are a plethora of Christmas movies to tickle the funny bone. 

Who says you even need live humans for a good Christmas movie? Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas has had audiences asking "What's this?" since 1993. Or what about the computer-animated adaptation of the children's book The Polar Express? If animation doesn't get you in the Christmas spirit, perhaps The Muppet Christmas Carol does.

Though it's been recently parodied to some criticism from one of its stars, there's no doubt that Love, Actually has worked its way into the hearts of Christmas movie-lovers since 2003. 

So which is your favorite? Vote below or here to see which Christmas movie The Hollywood Reporter readers adore most. (And if you just want to weigh in on whether Die Hard belongs on this list, vote here.)