Hollywood Reporter Reader Poll: Who Is Your Favorite Eddie Murphy Character From 'SNL'?

Eddie Murphy as James Brown - Eddie Murphy as Little Richard Simmons - Eddie Murphy as Gumby - Photofest stills - Split - H 2019

The comedian created some of the sketch series' most iconic and humorous characters — from Buckwheat and a cranky Gumby to takes on stars like James Brown.

Eddie Murphy's return to Saturday Night Live this weekend will mark his first time as a host since 1984, following a brief appearance in 2015 for the 40th anniversary.

Long before his nearly three-decade separation from NBC’s variety sketch series, Murphy created some of SNL's most iconic and humorous characters — from fictional portrayals such as Gumby and Buckwheat to takes on stars like James Brown. Ahead of his SNL hosting gig, it's time to determine which character by the comedian was his best. 

First seen on SNL in 1982, Murphy personified the green claymation figure Gumby, gifting viewers with the iconic line "I'm Gumby dammit!" The recurrence of Gumby — eight times over four seasons — proves both the show and audiences were in love with the cranky and bitter green guy.

However, Gumby is in tough competition with one of Murphy's other long-running characters, Buckwheat, an adult version of the Our Gang/Little Rascals character who first appeared in the seventh season of SNL. The character became a staple not just on the sketch series, but also in Murphy's own stand-up routine. SNL eventually killed off Buckwheat through a series of satirical sketches poking fun at how the media can sensationalize tragedies, with an episode even featuring Buckwheat's funeral.

Murphy had no issue poking fun at fellow celebrities, such as his take on James Brown, donning gold briefs in front of a hut tub for "James Brown's Celebrity Hot Tub Party." He also combined two larger-than-life personalities, James Brown and Little Richard, to create Little Richard Simmons. Now if he could create a mix of all three for his next SNL appearance, that could be stiff competition for all the characters to be voted on below.

Which Eddie Murphy character from Saturday Night Live do Hollywood Reporter readers think is the best? Weigh in below or here.