Hollywood Reporter Reader Poll: Who Was Your Favorite Super Bowl Halftime Performer of the Decade?

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Another season of pro football may have come to an end, but buzz surrounding the Super Bowl halftime show is just beginning. 

Throughout the seasons, audiences have been entertained by a myriad of artists, each hoping to give their best performances in less than 15 minutes. In the past 10 years, fans have witnessed some of music's biggest moments, including the reunion of Destiny's Child during Beyonce Knowles' halftime set in 2013, Lady Gaga leaping from the top of the stadium onto the stage below in 2017 and Justin Timberlake singing alongside a hologram Prince in 2018. 

Though each performance aims to feature some of their greatest hits, artists also take opportunities to collaborate with other performers onstage. In 2015, Katy Perry enlisted artists such as Missy Elliot and Lenny Kravitz to join her, whereas Coldplay welcomed Beyonce and Bruno Mars, who performed an energized dance battle sequence before joining the group, in 2016. Despite sharing Sunday's halftime show, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira's performance marked a monumental moment for music and the NFL as the singers became the first Latin artists to headline a Super Bowl halftime show. To celebrate that honor, the two artists emphasized their heritage throughout their performance. (Lopez, a New York native, is of Puerto Rican descent, while Shakira is Colombian.)

While all halftime performances represent different genres of music, which are The Hollywood Reporter readers' favorites? Weigh in at the poll below or here and learn which artists have earned the most votes so far.