Documentary to Explore 'Poltergeist' Movie Curse

'Poltergeist' (1982)
Courtesy of MGM

The ghosts weren't the only scary things in Steven Spielberg's Oscar-nominated screenplay.

'The Curse of Poltergeist' will attempt to unravel the mystery that surrounds the spooky franchise.

Producer and filmmaker Adam Ripp wants to get to the bottom of the supposed curse that has plagued the cast of the Steven Spielberg-produced Poltergeist film series.

Ripp is directing The Curse of Poltergeist, which his company, Vega Baby, is financing and producing alongside Indonesia-based MD Pictures. He's set to start shooting in November.

The documentary will focus on the life and experiences of Poltergeist actor Oliver Robins, who played Robbie Freeling in the first and second installment of the franchise, as a way to explore the tragedies that have befallen those involved with the films.

“It will be a journey into the unknown as I attempt to understand the meaning behind the tragedies surrounding the movie,” said Robins, of the The Curse of Poltergeist. “It's something that will hopefully bring closure to a dark chapter in my life."

Many of the actors involved in the project have met dreadful ends, including Dominique Dunne who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend, and young star Heather O’Rourke, who died at the age of twelve of acute bowel obstruction right before the third film was released.

In 2002, the curse was the focus of an E! True Hollywood Story.