Poor Subtitles Could Hurt 'Guardians of the Galaxy' in China

Guardians of the Galaxy Still 4 - H 2014

Local reviews have been mixed, with many arguing that translation mistakes are ruining the humor

After proving a surprise hit in the rest of the world, Guardians of the Galaxy finally opened in China, the world's second-biggest movie market, last weekend. Although the cosmic actioner did well in its opening weekend, the response from reviewers and an increasing number of ordinary moviegoers has been mixed due to the poorly translated Chinese subtitles, the China Daily reported on Friday. 

Critics and fans alike are complaining the subtitles are spoiling the humor of Guardians that has proved so popular elsewhere.

China Daily quoted a popular Chinese social media user Gudabaihua, who identified at least 80 translation mistakes in the Chinese subtitles: "Aside from a lot of mistranslations, the subtitles failed to show the original feel of the movie, such as jokes, puns and homophones. We cannot help but doubt the professionalism of the translator." 

Guardians is not the first film to find that poor subtitles was hindering its success, says China Daily. Previously films such as Men in Black III, Pacific Rim, The Hunger Games and Skyfall all met similar criticism.  

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