Pop Quiz: Are You Smart Enough to Be an Agent's Assistant?

AP Photo/Reed Saxon

The Hollywood Reporter got a look at some of the questions on UTA's mailroom employees exam

UTA puts mailroom employees through a monthslong program dubbed UTA University. At the end, they take a written final exam to "graduate" to assistant. Pass, and you’re eligible to work on an agent’s desk. Fail twice, and the next phone you answer might be for pizza delivery. The Hollywood Reporter got a peek at some of the questions (figure out the answers on your own … or ask your assistant).

1. You are putting together a booking and your agent tells you the client’s deal includes a $35,000 bonus if the TV pilot gets produced. This information would fall under which deal term category:
a) Guaranteed compensation
b) Nonguaranteed compensation
c) Deal notes
d) Both a and c

2. Your boss is traveling abroad. To whom do you reach out to make sure that his or her cell phone is covered internationally?

3. A client is calling and asking for your boss’ precise location and he or she is extremely demanding. How do you respond?

4. How do you make sure the script you are pulling is the most updated version?

5. Client X has an appointment at 10 a.m. Please write that client an email confirming the appointment.


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