Pop Quiz: How Well Do You Know the 2017 Oscar Nominees?

Oscar Statues -backstage during the 88th Annual Academy Awards -Getty-H 2017
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

From 'La La Land' to 'Hacksaw Ridge,' test your knowledge of this year's awards contenders.

So you've seen La La Land three times and know the words to all its songs by heart. You've cheered on the women of Hidden Figures. And you've shed at tear at Manchester by the Sea and Moonlight. In short, you think you know everything about this year's Oscar contenders.

Not so fast.

There's still more to know — behind-the-scenes facts about the movies themselves as well as their surprising connections. 

So it's time to take The Hollywood Reporter's 2017 Oscar Quiz and put all that movie lore you've been storing up to the test.