Posh L.A. Prep School Demands Students Stop Uber-ing Home

Uber and Lyft have become popular for mothers who don't want the hassle of picking up their kids as one campus fights back.

This story first appeared in the Feb. 20 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Uber and Lyft not only have become popular along L.A.'s private prep circuit this school year, they've also stirred contention among moms. "There are so many moms Uber-ing their kids home from school," says a high-profile wife of an A-list producer, "but I just don't think it's safe. Then the moms who are using Uber don't want the moms who always pick up their own kids to know about it -- because they think it makes them look like less committed mothers."

At least one campus is pushing back: THR has obtained a letter sent by administrators at the Westside's Windward School in late 2014 sternly reminding parents that "the policies of the ride-share companies do not allow minors to use their services." (Uber and Lyft aren't open to those under 18.) One solution: Some moms are said to be instructing their kids to dial- a-ride from the nearest Starbucks.