'Positions' for Herzfeld, NBC


"Meet the Parents" and "Meet the Fockers" co-writer Jim Herzfeld is returning to his sitcom roots with "Changing Positions," a multicamera comedy project at NBC that shares some similarities with "Fockers."

Produced by Universal Media Studios and Dutch Oven, "Positions" centers on a Wall Street guy in his late 30s who loses everything and is forced, along with his wife and their teen kids, to move in with his parents — a wealthy, very sexually active couple in their mid 50s who live in a large compound in the Hollywood Hills after amassing a fortune making (and starring in) instructional sex videos in the 1980s, when they also invented the "standing O" position.

"They're moving into a pretty cool place," Herzfeld said. "The challenge is raising a family the way you want to raise them around grandparents who don't have the same values you have, who have no filter when it comes to their sexuality and don't think twice before skinny dipping in the pool with the kids around."

The grandfather's response to his son and daughter-in-law's objections? "Relax, we're all family."

Herzfeld is exec producing "Positions" with Doug Liman and David Bartis.

In addition to launching a movie franchise, "Parents" has inspired several TV series, including CBS' "Worst Week" and NBC's reality show "Meet My Folks."

"I guess it's flattering, in a way," said the CAA-repped Herzfeld, who worked on such sitcoms as "Married … With Children" and "Doctor Doctor" before transitioning to features. (partialdiff)