Posner launches prod'n shingle


MADRID -- Enrique Posner, former general manager at Warner Brothers Intl. Espana, on Monday announced the launch of his own production company, YaYa! Films, with an initial slate of three English-language features.

YaYa! will co-produce its first slate with Posner's partners in the Madrid-based sales outfit 6 Sales, Marina Fuentes' Galba Prods. and animation specialists Manuel Cristobal and Ruben Zarauza's Perro Verde Films.

The new shingle's first project is the $10 million, CG-animated "The Missing Lynx," about a billionaire conservationist who hires a wacky hunter to save animals in a new Noah's Ark.

Granada-based Kandor Graphics -- which will create the CGI animation -- and Perro Verde will co-produce, with Posner taking the executive production credit. Manuel Sicilia and Raul Garcia, who worked as an animator on "The Lion King" and "Aladdin," will co-direct.

Next up is romantic comedy "How To," about a secretary who writes a manual explaining the ins and outs of a successfully undetected and enjoyable extramarital affair. The script is being written by Paula Edwards. YaYa! will co-produce with Galba and Alicia Touche's London-based Sandia Films. No budget has yet been set, but producers are looking at A-list talent.

The third project is a "High School Musical"-style story, starring up-and-coming Spanish music star Cristina Llorente. The film will tell of an aspiring Spanish singer and her move to England to break into the business. Llorente is partner and star of theatrical production company Jana Producciones, in which Posner has recently taken a stake. Fellow Jana partner Javier Munoz will direct the musical.

Posner managed Warner Bros Pictures Intl. Espana for five years (2001-2006), and was involved in the creation of the studio's local-language production operation. Prior to that, he ran his own production company, Filmania, and handled international sales for Pedro Almodovar's films.