Post Malone and Jimmy Fallon Battle at Medieval Times

THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON -- Episode 1114 - Rapper Post Malone Medieval Times- NBC sketch -H 2019
Courtesy of Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

The two followed up their Olive Garden antics with a trip to another popular chain.

After their memorable Olive Garden visit, Post Malone and Jimmy Fallon took a trip to Medieval Times on Sunday's Tonight Show.

Dressed in billowing Renaissance clothes, the two "kick it old school" at the knight combat-themed dinner attraction.

"In the Medieval Times, you're actually Pre Malone," joked Fallon, and the rapper responded, "Yet to be Malone."

Once at the restaurant, Malone and Fallon were served a feast of roasted chicken and potatoes. Malone said he preferred mashed potatoes, so Fallon punched the rapper's potatoes.

A woman dressed as a queen later welcomed them to her castle and told Malone she was a fan of his music. Fallon then asked if she liked The Tonight Show, but she said that there were no televisions in the medieval times. "But you have Spotify?" the host retorted.

A knight dressed in yellow later rode out on a horse. Fallon said he looked like Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness before his competitor came out. Malone and Fallon heckled the competitor by shouting, "I've seen squires ride better than you."

After the Van Ness lookalike won the duel, Fallon led the crowd in a cheer. He waved a large yellow flag while he sang, "You probably think that you see yellow now, yellow now" to the tune of Malone's "Better Now."

Malone and Fallon later went head-to-head in their own battle. They both struggled to find the center of the arena due to the lack of visibility caused by their helmets. Malone added that the helmet was "heavy as shit."

Once the battle began, Fallon tripped before he swung his sword at Malone. The rapper then fell, though he quickly got back up to continue the fight. Fallon challenged Malone to a joust, which began with the two riding to the center of the arena on horses as Fallon sang, "You know you make me wanna joust" to the tune of the Isley Brothers' song "Shout."

After the two rode toward each other on their horses, they both fell to the ground. It was later revealed that Malone and Fallon were actually watching the last part of the battle from the sidelines as two other men pretended to be them. They both groaned into microphones to make the performance authentic as they enjoyed beer and popcorn.

The segment concluded with Malone being knighted by the queen. "I hereby dub thee Lord Post Malone of the Medieval Times," she said as she waved the sword around the rapper. The crowd burst into applause after Malone hugged the queen and Fallon.

Watch the full segment below.