'The Post' Will Now Screen in Lebanon After Government Intervenes

The Post Still Meryl Streep - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of Niko Tavernise/Paraount Pictures

The move is the first time a film's banning has been overturned in the country.

Lebanese moviegoers will now get to see Steven Spielberg's critically acclaimed film The Post, after the country's prime minister stepped in to overrule a prospective ban. 

The movie had been transferred to the censorship commission, which reportedly sent the minister of interior a recommendation that the film be banned, citing a "boycott Israel" list that included Spielberg following his Oscar-winning Holocaust film Schindler's List (scenes of which were shot in Jerusalem). 

However, Prime Minister Saad Hariri stepped in, asking the minister to "overrule and reverse the banning recommendations of the commission and authorize the movie to be released," according to Carlo Vincenti, marketing manager at regional distributor Italia Films, who said there had been "unprecedented pressure" from the press, politicians and on social media. 

The move is the first time a film's banning has been overturned in Lebanon, where last year Wonder Woman was blocked due to the fact that its star Gal Gadot had served in the Israeli military.

"We are glad and pleased that justice, reason and love of cinemas has prevailed and we thank everyone involved in the strong lobbying done to clear out an injustice," added Vincenti.

The Post is now due for release in Lebanon on Jan 18.