Poster wins lenser guild vote


Steven Poster, the incumbent national president of International Cinematographers Guild, IATSE Local 600, has been elected to a full three-year term as head of the guild.

Poster ("Daddy Day Care," "Donnie Darko") overcame a challenge by guild veteran Haskell Wexler by a 58%-42% margin, in a vote count of 1,391-1,023, the highest election participation in the history of the IATSE local. Wexler had been second national vp.

Balloting was tabulated Saturday night, and officials results were announced Sunday.

"Our campaign focused on issues, laying out exactly what we wanted to accomplish, and the members responded by giving us a mandate," said Poster, who was elected president by the guild's national board Aug. 5, filling the unexpired term of Gary Dunham after Dunham was removed from office July 8.

"We pledge to fight for more jobs, including the training needed to stay ahead of the curve with new and hybrid technology, to rebuild the Local 600's respect in the industry and to strengthen our ties with the International and other IA locals that we bargain alongside."

Poster, an IATSE member since 1969, previously was as an ICG vp. He was president of the American Society of Cinematographers from 2002-2003.

Other newly elected national officials of the ICG Local 600 include vp Barry Wetcher, first vp Rusty Burrell, second vp John Toll, secretary-treasurer Alan Gitlin, assistant secretary-treasurer Bruce MacCallum and sergeant-at-arms Michael St. Hilaire. Delegates to the next IATSE Convention in 2009 also were elected.

About 42% of the eligible membership voted in the election. Publicists, who previously belonged to Local 818, merged with Local 600 in 2002 and have four seats on its national executive board.