PostTrak Real-Time Polling Service Expands to Theaters Overseas

Empty Movie Theater - Generic Image - 2011
Loic Venance/AFP/Getty Images

comScore and Screen Engine's survey tool helps studios and indie distributors figure out who is attending a particular movie.

PostTrak is headed to theaters overseas.

The real-time movie polling service, developed by comScore and Screen Engine, is now available in the U.K., Germany, Mexico and Australia.

Already deployed in theaters across the U.S., PostTrak provides a glimpse of a movie's audience in its first two weekends, including reactions, gender and ethnic breakdown and age range (the service only applies to nationwide releases).

The proprietary information is designed to allow Hollywood studios and indie distributors who pay for the service to hone their marketing efforts and plan future strategies.

“Leveraging more than six years of history for all wide-release films, PostTrak is the industry currency for demographic and moviegoer insights within the U.S.," says comScore senior vp movies Jim Zak. "These four territories — Australia, Germany, Mexico and the U.K. — further extend audience representation, and we look forward to expanding to additional markets from all corners of the globe.”

The expansion into the four international markets in various time zones grants Hollywood studios and other PostTrak partners an even earlier read of their audiences, Zak says.

“More than ever, international theatrical box-office performance is a critical input to industry planning,” added Kevin Goetz, CEO of Screen Engine/ASI.