'Potter' bows to 'amazing' numbers overseas


In an "amazing" opening-day Wednesday in the overseas market, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" took in an estimated $29.2 million, besting the one-day bows in most countries of previous "Potter" films and setting many new opening-day industry records, according to Warner Bros. Pictures International.

"Fantastic" was the adjective used for the single-day bows in France ($5.9 million from 1,060 prints) and Italy ($3.1 million from 837). Germany ($3.6 million from 1,300) was listed as "excellent." In the "outstanding" category were Spain ($2.6 million from 602), Belgium ($780,000 from 171), Australia ($3.5 million from 500) and Brazil ($1.5 million from 850).

Holland opened to a "tremendous" $980,000 from 192 prints, called the biggest opening day ever in the market and the biggest all-time opening for a "Potter" film.

Korea brought in $1.3 million from 545 screens, hailed as the biggest opening day for a "Potter" film and the fourth-biggest industry opening.

Except for Germany, "Phoenix" scored the biggest opening days ever for the "Potter" series; "Philosopher's Stone" topped "Phoenix" in Germany.

In Hong Kong, "Phoenix" broke the boxoffice record for a foreign-language film opening on a nonholiday, according to local Warner Bros. officials. The film grossed $462,000 from 42 theaters, beating the Hong Kong bows of the four previous "Potter" films -- "Prisoner of Azkaban" ($358,000), "Goblet of Fire" ($320,000), "Sorcerer's Stone" ($267,000) and "Chamber of Secrets" ($205,000).

Saul Symonds in Hong Kong contributed to this report.