'Pottermore' Leaked Memo Suggests Web-Based Game

Dave Hogan/Getty Images

J.K. Rowling set to reveal secret Thursday amid internet speculation over the letter's authenticity.

The mystery of J.K. Rowling’s “Pottermore” remains just that – a mystery. Though a new marketing memo has made the rounds of several British papers, it remains unclear as to whether it was an accidental leak, or one designed to throw fans off the scent.

Speculation surrounding the new website, which for now simply reads “Coming Soon,” has included theories of a Harry Potter encyclopedia, a series of e-books or possibly an interactive online game. The new memo in question suggests that the site is indeed for a web-based game, which will include a hunt for magic wands.

While it seems a likely scenario, any authenticity of the information has not been confirmed.

Warner Bros. trademarked “Pottermore” in 2009, the description of which details “online chat rooms and electronic bulletin boards” as well as “online facilities for real-time interaction with other computer users concerning general topics of interest.”

Rowling is set to reveal actual details regarding the new site during a Thursday (June 23) press conference in London.