Power Up expands board

Advocacy organization goes co-ed

Power Up, founded in 2000 to promote the visibility of gay women in the entertainment industry, is going co-ed by adding men to its honorary board of directors.

Joining its honorary board are "Milk" screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, filmmaker Q. Allan Brocka, producer Bruce Cohen, Indie PR president Jim Dobson, Showtime's Robert Greenblatt, HBO's Michael Lombardo and actor-director Peter Paige.

A nonprofit film production company and educational organization, Power Up develops, finances, produces and distributes GLBTQ films and conducts educational programs, consisting of filmmaking classes, workshops and seminars.

"With the current climate, Power Up saw this as a time, more than any other, where our GLBTQ community -- women and men -- needs to be unified to help achieve our collective goal of equality, representation and acceptance," said Stacy Codikow, the organization's founder and executive director. "Although our mission was geared to gay women, the reality is that Power Up has always been an integrated organization and have supported men and women, gay and straight within the educational programs, and Power Up has even made two award-winning films for men -- 'Starcrossed,' starring Marshall Allman, and 'Billy's Dad is a Fudge-Packer,' starring Robert Grant."

The other members of the board are Jehan Agrama, Jamie Babbit, Leslie Belzberg, Roberta Bennett, Debra Chasnoff, Donna Deitch, Gina G. Goff, Jan Oxenberg, Angela Robinson, Lee Rose and Andrea Sperling.

On June 11, Power Up will release its first "10 Amazing Gay Men in Showbiz" list to accompany its annual "10 Amazing Gay Women in Showbiz" list.

It will present the awards at its ninth annual Power Premiere Gala on Nov. 1 in Hollywood.