Power Shopping: 'Catfish's' Nev Schulman

Nev Schulman

The executive producer and host of the MTV series talks shoes, shops and his favorite gift to give.

Following the acclaim for his 2010 documentary, Catfish, Nev Schulman became the host and executive producer of MTV’s Catfish: The TV Series. The show has him traveling to different cities each episode, where he introduces couples in real life who have fallen in love online. The New York-born photographer and producer, who is often in front of the camera looking crisp and causal in jeans, sweaters and button downs (favorite designers include J. Crew and Ralph Lauren), says his style blends perfectly between his on and off-screen life. “I never really thought of myself as having a ‘personal style,’” he says. “I just like to look nice and feel clean. What I wear on the show is exactly what I wear every day.”


Lately I've really been digging the new line of Cole Haan shoes...especially the reflective ones. Of course, if I really want to splurge and get a guaranteed classic item, it's RRL all the way.


The best thing that's happened to me this year (aside from my new TV show), is the J. Crew men’s store at the Grove.


So I recently found out that my favorite toy, Buckyballs, is going out of business. Aside from occupying a ridiculous amount of my time, they are also my favorite gift to give. I nearly maxed out my credit card stocking up on them...If it's not too late, I suggest you all do the same.


Two of my favorite spots to find unique objects are OK and New Stone Age. They are both on West 3rd across from Joan's and are filled with the best stuff you've never seen. Grab a bite at Joan's before you go cause you're going to want to spend a couple hours in these shops, and there's nothing worse than cranky/hungry shopping.


I don't go anywhere without my KILLSPENCER weekender bag, even on weekdays.


That's easy. Meeting the wildly adorable English Princesses Sophia Grace and Rosie from the Ellen show at the MTV Video Music Awards.


On the show, and in my life, I never know what’s going to happen next, so I like to think that whatever I’m wearing could work for morning chores at the farm, and then dinner at Brangelinas.

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