Power Shopping: Fashion Scoop from the Red Carpet of 'Glee:The 3D Concert Movie.'

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The Fox film stars and fellow celebrity 'Glee' fans reveal some shopping secrets.

Whether filming their movie, preparing for their concert—which landed in North America, the UK and Ireland—or filming their hit Fox TV show, the Glee stars still have time to stay fashion-minded and hit the shops.

THR spoke to the cast, Fox TV executives, and some fellow celebrity Gleeks at the premiere of Glee: The 3D Concert Movie, about what designers they love and where they go for some retail therapy.

CHARLOTTE ROSS (Glee's Judy Fabray, pictured above in McQueen)

FAVORITES: McQueen, Valentino, Cavalli, Gucci

“I’m excited to wear Alexander McQueen! This dress is Alexander McQueen, I’ve never worn this before and he’s a true artist. I feel honored to be wearing him. My friend just went to the MET yesterday to see his collection. He’s everything and more that people say and I’m just excited to wear the dress...I was just in Europe and I bought my first, I mean it sounds like I’m buying a lot, but I’ve always wanted a Valentino purse so I got one of those, in Zurich, Switzerland. Which I probably shouldn’t have done because their dollar is so bad there. What else did I do? I like buying things that you can’t find in other places. I like going to little unique shops and things like that, but I also like Cavalli, Gucci and things like that.”

DANA WALDEN (Chairman, 20th Century Fox Television)


“Ok well I love Roberto Cavalli so today bought a Cavalli shirt, which I’m wearing, because even just a shirt will tune up my wardrobe in a way that would make me happy.”

HARRY SHUM JR. (Glee's Mike Chang)

FAVORITES: Topman, Apple

“Well I’m not a big clothes shopper but when you go to London you’ve got to shop for clothes. I only went to one store; I went to Topman and just went nuts over it. I love Topman I feel like it fits me perfectly and I love their style and their clothes. I’m always a gadget freak I went and bought the new MacBook Air the new iPad, the new iMac, I just I love surrounding myself with apple products, not oranges. That’s a very important thing, you’ve always got to be synced in or else you’ll lose something and life is so fast right now, it’s just sometimes so hard to adjust.”

JENNA USHKOWITZ (Glee's Tina Cohen-Chang, pictured above in Ramy Brook)

FAVORITES: Chanel, Topshop, Selfridges, Liberty

“I will tell you one of my biggest purchases lately was Chanel, I went and bought a really nice bag, and a nice little fashion wallet, other than that we went to London and I went to Topshop and I went to Liberty and Selfridges and you know, I don’t love to shop but I’ll shop where I know I won’t find things in the U.S. or where I live.”

SARAH HYLAND (Modern Family's Haley Dunphy)


“Well I haven’t really gone shopping in a while but the last time I really went out there and went crazy shopping was in Vancouver, a place called TNA. They have amazing clothing and I’m obsessed with their stuff. I got everything from like crop-tops to hoodies to skirts and dresses; I went all out and spent way too much shopping there. It was funny because I went like three weeks walking by without going in…and then when I went I kind of went crazy.”