Power Shopping: Grimm's Bitsie Tulloch

Bitsie Tulloch - P 2013
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Bitsie Tulloch - P 2013

The actress dishes on her favorite $40 frock, what brand of shoes she buys on the Internet and her not-so-sexy sleepwear.

Grimm star Bitsie Tulloch’s character spends most of her time in jeans and sweaters on the Portland set of the NBC fantasy-drama (season three returns March 8), but off-screen the San Diego native’s style is more eclectic. Tulloch, who starred in The Artist and recently wrapped the film Parkland alongside Jacki Weaver and Zac Efron, loves to mix high-end designers with vintage finds and even (gasp!) loves a good hand-me-down.

“I wore this amazing black and white vintage peplum dress I found on eBay for 40 bucks,” she says of one of her favorite red-carpet looks from the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Caroline and Jackie, which she stars in and co-produced. “It was way too big, but I had it tailored, then bought gorgeous Jimmy Choo heels and paired them with a beautiful red and black lace vintage clutch.”



I love Chanel -- perhaps I should say I admire Chanel since I don't own much. And I think the recent Givenchy collections have been incredible. For more every day, I love Tory Burch. My style has always been preppy with an edge, and that is basically her line. Totally classic but fun, and she has been designing gorgeous shoes lately! I also really admire her as a businesswoman and I follow her on twitter.


For the most part, I live in Portland shooting Grimm, so when I'm up there, I'm at a lot of the tiny boutiques all over the city, including Moule (1125 NW Everett St., Portland) and Frances May (1013 SW Washington St., Portland) or spending all my money in the mid-century modern furniture stores in Southeast Portland. When I'm in Los Angeles, I shop at Barneys (9570 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills) and Neiman Marcus (9700 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills) for shoes. Shoes are my biggest indulgence. For vintage, Resurrection (8006 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles) and Decades (8214 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles) always have special stuff. 


My last big splurge was about nine months ago when I was in Rome and I found a Givenchy Pandora purse with amazing hardware for half off. I'm obsessed with it -- lots of pockets, and I love that. More recently, I bought some great striped Loeffler Randall flats on Zappos!?


I wouldn't say it's under-the-radar necessarily, but my friend Ilaria Urbinati owns a store called Confederacy (4661 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles) on the east side which is amazing. They have amazing stuff for women and an incredible selection for men, so it's a great place to shop for other people, as well.


I am obsessed with my new Tory Burch international adapter. It comes in the cutest little case, and when I'm not overseas, it's still always in my purse because it is perfect for holding my earbuds. I was also thrilled when I noticed she and I have the same initials reversed, because it looks like I had it monogrammed. 


Every single night, because I should probably wear something sexier to sleep, but I simply won't give up my grandpa's old sweatshirt. ?


Juliette is a veterinarian based in Portland, Oregon. So while I think our wardrobe department has done a great job with her outfits, it still tends to be jeans and sweaters and boots every time. I mix a lot of high-end with cheap and/or vintage. i.e. right now I'm wearing a Missoni sweater I got on sale a few years ago, black skinny cigarette pants from H&M and Chanel flats that were hand-me-downs from my awesome godmother.