Jeremy Scott Talks 'Powerpuff Girls' x Moschino, What's Next in His Cartoon Couture World

Moschino Powerpuff Girls - H 2016
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Moschino Powerpuff Girls - H 2016

Hint: Ren and Stimpy are involved.

One of the fashion world’s most colorful creatures, Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott, popped in to the Italian fashion house’s West Hollywood boutique Thursday night to celebrate the brand’s collaboration with Cartoon Network's Powerpuff Girls, who were featured in Moschino’s Carwash Couture spring 2016 collection. 

Guests including singer-songwriter Justine Skye and Empire's Serayah McNeill, both 20, were in their element as they milled about the Powerpuff paraphernalia, which harkened back to the show's debut in 1998 — when they were both of cartoon-watching age. 

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The brightly lit space was filled wall-to-wall with sugar, spice and everything nice (that is, cookies, cocktails and a photo booth with props) as well as the funky, pop-art-like collection starring Blossom, Bubbles and ButterCup. The 18-piece line of accessories, sweaters, dresses and swimwear ($80 to $1,250) is now available in stores and online — just in time for Cartoon Network's new animated reboot out this spring.

Pret-a-Reporter chatted with Scott about his love of cartoons (The Looney Toons, Super Mario Bros. and SpongeBob have all been featured on his Moschino runways) as well as what's up next for his own line. 

Pret-a-Reporter: How did the Powerpuff Girls collaboration come about?

Jeremy Scott: They're the same team that does SpongeBob. For my first Moschino collection I did a SpongeBob collaboration and I think that all just came about because I had taken a SpongeBob toy that I found at the flea market, and I dipped it in gold and I had it gold-plated and put it on a necklace and I wore it at the end of my show. And they were like, "We think you like SpongeBob…" and I was like, "I love SpongeBob." So they were like, "If you ever want to work with us, then let’s do something."

So that’s how I got to know the group, so when I was thinking of things and the car wash — somehow the [Powerpuff] girls made me think of car wash because they’re kind of like, flying around. Maybe it was Bubbles?

There was something very abstract in my head but there’s something that connects. And I was working on this print, the “Fresh” print, and I thought they would be so cute having this element in here. And it just kind of all fell together.

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Have you always been a fan of the Powerpuff Girls?

I haven’t always been a fan of the Powerpuff Girls — I mean, I love them, but they’re probably after my generation of first watching cartoons. Sad to say, but I do think they’re adorable. I love their girl-power spirit.


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If you had to choose a favorite Powerpuff Girl, which one would you choose?

I don’t know, I love them all, but I guess I’m more of a Bubbles. I’m always very upbeat, you know, I’m less gloomy but I’m always kind of like, "Yeah it’s fine, I’ll get it done" — even when things are awful I’m always like, [high-pitch voice] "It’s OK!"

Do you have more cartoon collaborations coming up?  

Well we did the Looney Toons collaboration last fall and that was really fun, and the Super Mario Brothers capsule collection, so yeah I’m kind of cartoon couture over here. But I love it. I love that it has memories for people and it connects to people and it’s a different kind of bridging a gap of something new with something familiar — in a way sort of blurring it together.

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Was there a specific intention behind choosing childhood memories?

It’s just a love, actually. I love those things and I remember playing Super Mario Brothers when I was little and just having fun with it, and I thought, "Well gosh, yeah I’d love to have a backpack with like all the characters on it."

So some of that stuff is like that — it’s fulfilling childhood fantasies and things like that. And I love that it does connect and it’s kind of like, you know, people are like, "Oh my god, I love that!" Or it’s nostalgic — to give a little shout- out to something I loved as a kid.

How’s the fashion week prep?

Good! I mean, you know, it just comes along so I just have to be open and ready for it. I mean, I’ve done all my work so it’s really more now just the everything coming together.

Any more cartoon influences we can expect?

In my show there is. I think we actually debuted today a little nugget of it, which is that I have something with Ren & Stimpy [of The Ren & Stimpy Show]. So yeah, there is a little something in my collection.

They were definitely one of my favorites when they came out. I was hooked. I was glued — my eyeballs were glued to the TV.