PR Vets Paul Pflug, Melissa Zukerman Launch Reputation Management Firm

Rainer Hosch
From left: Kopal, Zukerman and Pflug

The Principal Communications Group founders are partnering with Edgeworth Security to form Foresight Solutions Group.

Had Foresight Solutions Group existed two months ago, it could have saved the producers of the Academy Awards —  and Kevin Hart — a lot of headache.

The new strategic communications firm, from Principal Communications Group partners Paul Pflug, Melissa Zukerman and Hans-Dieter Kopal, pairs their top-flight Hollywood PR expertise with the seriously deep research capabilities of cyber-intelligence experts from such worlds as federal law enforcement and government intelligence.

“It’s the magic bullet of best-in-class cyber-intelligence — we have an elite squad of folks who are adhering to codes of conduct and privacy laws and know how to collect and present data — [combined with] our nimble platform and knowledge of how to provide insights into that data,” the Foresight team tells The Hollywood Reporter. “We’re providing the industry with research on steroids, along with practical experience and solutions.”

In forming Foresight, Pflug, Zukerman and Kopal have partnered with cyber-intelligence firm Edgeworth Security, which is providing the squad of cyber-intelligence experts capable of going much further than a simple Google search. With access to information in more than 200 languages covering thousands of websites worldwide, “these analysts are able to interpret data and look for parallels and then know where to go on the web” — including the dark web — “to find additional information,” the Foresight partners say. “It’s not just spitting back a list of things. It’s a combination of technology with an algorithm and practical experience.”

Among Foresight's suite of unique and discreet reputation management offerings is its Red Flag service, which provides comprehensive research and risk assessment to identify and even anticipate potential issues with respect to a business decision. The company will couple this information with actionable insights and customized solutions, including receiving training from advocacy groups, to help companies deal with backlash should it hit.

Although Foresight emphasizes that it will not make recommendations with respect to hiring and firing, it can equip companies with the relevant research and analysis needed to make such a decision. The firm also can represent individuals looking to manage their reputations and mount a professional comeback. However, the company stresses that it will not accept clients involved in criminal acts, and that it will work with and uphold the codes of conduct recommended by the major anti-discrimination advocacy groups.

Pflug, Zukerman and Kopal will continue to run PCG separately from Foresight. Edgeworth is led by CEO Ken Young and cyber operations vice president Chad Brockway. Both men are former U.S. Marines, and Brockway is a former program manager for the FBI. Loeb & Loeb partner Ivy Kagan Bierman advised Foresight on its formation.