Prabal Gurung's Fall Fashion Show Visited by Zoe Saldana

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The red-hot red carpet favorite showed a triumphant fall collection that's bound to be a favorite of the chic - or any actress who wants to be.

Sarah Jessica Parker pretty much made him a red carpet star, but then Prabal Gurung's fall 2011 collection and spring 2012 put him in the forefront of favorite designers to the stars. His clothes are flattering, sexy, but have more edge and detail than almost any modern line outside of Givenchy.

Prabal showed his fall over the weekend: a black group, a blue group and a white one. The dresses were more elaborate than ever with a crazy amount of detail - they are going to be costly, ladies. Not that celebrities have to worry about that.

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Fan Zoe Saldana sat front and center, decked out in a Prabal spring color and floral suit that's quickly becoming one of the hot looks for spring.

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