'Prada' still in style at int'l b.o.


Fueled by strong openings in Germany, Italy and Taiwan, 20th Century Fox International's "The Devil Wears Prada" finished its second consecutive weekend as the No. 1 film internationally, grossing an estimated $22.7 million from 4,250 screens in 42 markets.

The behind-the-scenes look at life at a high fashion magazine also turned in highly stylish numbers in such key holdover territories as the U.K., France and Australia, lifting its international gross total to $75.5 million to date.

"Prada," co-starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway, opened No. 2 in Germany (an estimated $4.4 million from 575 screens), and No. 1 in Italy ($3.7 million from 437 sites) and in Taiwan ($1.2 million from just 98 spots, for a per screen average of $12,245). It also is neck-and-neck for a No. 1 spot in Holland (an estimated $842,000 from 80 screens for a $10,525 per-screen average) and finished No. 1 in Chile ($56,000 from 26 sites).

The U.K. led the holdover markets with "Prada" high-stepping to an estimated $3.7 million from 446 screens (a drop of only 11% from last weekend), for a market cume of $12.8 million. In its third weekend in France, "Prada" pulled $1.9 million from 507 sites, for a market total of $10.1 million. In Australia, the No. 2 weekend tally was $1.2 million from 304 screens, for a market cume of $9.2 million.

No. 2 this weekend was Paramount/UIP's "World Trade Center," which drew an estimated $10.3 million from 3,645 screens in 44 markets, taking its overseas total to $57.3 million.

The Oliver Stone Sept. 11 drama opened in East Africa and seven other markets, notably in Italy, where it finished No. 2 with an estimated $1.9 million from 311 screens. In South Korea, "WTC" bowed No. 3 with $1.1 million from 140 sites. Japan topped the holdover territories providing an estimated $1.9 million in its second weekend at 319 locations, a drop of 42%. Japan market cume stands at $8.5 million.

No. 3 this weekend is Warner Bros. International's "The Departed," which made off with an estimated $7.3 million from about 1,200 screens in 11 territories. The Martin Scorsese crime drama bowed No. 1 in Australia with an estimated $1.8 million from 276 sites, and is in the running for No. 1 in the U.K. with $3.6 million from 364 screens, a modest 13% drop from its opening weekend in the market. Overseas cume to date is $16.8 million; global cume, $73.4 million.

In fourth position is "Open Season," Sony's animation offering, which garnered a weekend estimate of $7 million from 2,115 screens in 22 markets, lifting its international boxoffice total to $13.6 million. (Worldwide cume: $72.8 million). U.K. opening weekend was an estimated $3.2 million -- including some $875,000 from last weekend's previews at 200 screens -- at 489 screens, while a decisive No. 1 Mexico bow furnished $2.4 million (also including previews) from 614 screens.

No. 5 is Sony's "Click," which had no new openings but nonetheless grossed an estimated $5.8 million from 2,820 screens in 53 territories, lifting its overseas total to $82 million. In its third weekend in the all-important U.K. market, the Adam Sandler comedy finished in the No. 4 position with an estimated $1.8 million (down just 26% from the prior weekend) from 408 screens, for a market cume of $9.9 million.

Summit Entertainment/Constantin Films's German-made English-language "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer," slew an estimated $4.4 million on the weekend at 2,083 screens, lifting its international total gross to $68.8 million. Warner Bros.' Spain acquisition of Guillermo de Toro's "Pan's Labyrinth" bowed in Spain for a robust estimate of $3.1 million from 300 situations.

Disney/Touchstone's "The Guardian," an actioner with Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher, rescued an estimated $2.6 million on the weekend from 700 screens in 10 territories. It ranked No. 2 in Spain with an estimated $1.9 million from 400 screens while in the Philippines it finished in the top spot with $220,000 from 40 screens, for a per-screen average of $5,500. Overseas total thus far: $3.4 million. Openings in the U.K., Germany and Mexico are due next weekend.

Walt Disney/Pixar's "The Cars" and Universal's "You, Me and Dupree" each grossed an estimated $1.9 million on the weekend.

"Cars" played 2,300 screens in 31 territories, and hoisted its overseas total to $210.7 million ($464 million globally). "Dupree" was powered by a Spain opening (an estimated $1 million from 210 screens there) and played 900 screens overall in 30 markets. Its international total stands at $45.2 million with 13 more territories to go.

"Little Miss Sunshine," the indie title Fox Searchlight acquired at Sundance in January for a reported $10.5 million, is performing relatively well internationally, garnering an estimated $1.8 million this weekend at 615 screens. It bowed No. 3 in Australia with $882,000 from 103 screens. Its overseas total stands at $12.6 million.

Fox's "The History Boys," an adaptation of an Alan Bennett stage drama, had an exceptional strong solo market opening in the U.K., where is registered an estimated $1.5 million during the weekend from 293 screens (for a per-screen average of $5,119).

Despite bowing in seven territories, Paramount Classics/UIP's "An Inconvenient Truth," the docu about Al Gore's campaign against global warming, managed a cool reception with an estimated $1.4 million from 416 screens in 19 territories. Overseas cume stands at $5.8 million. Paramount/NickelodeonFilms' "Barnyard," an animation title distributed by UIP, grossed an estimated $1.2 million from 837 screens in 13 markets, for an overseas cume of $6 million.

Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest," rounding out four months of overseas release, grossed an estimated $1.3 million from 1,584 screens in 28 territories. Its international cume now stands at $637.3 million and its worldwide total is $1,058 billion. Universal/UIP's "Miami Vice" with only two more territories left to play, pulled a weekend estimate of $1.2 million from 800 sites in 30 markets, raising its overseas total to $93.5 million.

Other cume updates all from U/UIP: "Children of Men," $8.4 million (thanks to a $460,000 weekend in the U.K. at 200 screens); "Step Up," $13.6 million (including dates handled by Summit Ent.); "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift," $94.7 million; "The Break-up," $83.8 million; "United 93," $42.8 million.
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