Meghan McCain Announces Pregnancy, Will Co-Host 'The View' From Home

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Jenny Anderson/ABC

McCain on Sunday revealed that she is expecting her first child with husband Ben Domenech.

Meghan McCain is expecting her first child with husband Ben Domenech.

As a result, the View co-host said she will be working from home due to concerns about the coronavirus.

"I consulted with my doctors and they advised me that for the safety of our baby and myself, I should be extra vigilant about limiting the amount of people we come in contact with," McCain wrote Sunday in a tweet announcing her pregnancy. "Starting immediately, I’ll be joining the millions of Americans who are self-isolating as a precaution to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a result, I will be appearing on The View from home via satellite."

McCain included in the tweet that she is grateful to her bosses at ABC for allowing her and the other View co-hosts to work from home. "I also want to acknowledge the heroes — the doctors, nurses, grocery and pharmacy workers, journalists, police officers, firemen and military — who are on the front lines of this fight," she added.

Despite a number of television shows shutting down production due to concerns around the coronavirus outbreak, The View has continued to air new episodes without a studio audience. The show is now using a new table, which allows the hosts to sit six feet apart per CDC guidelines. Sunny Hostin has continued to moderate from the show's New York City studio, with some episodes only featuring two other hosts sitting at the table.

Whoopi Goldberg has been co-hosting the show from home since Wednesday. "This is what we call responsible social distancing," she said while explaining her decision to not film in the ABC studio.

The host explained that she went to the doctor's office to get checked out and was cleared to go into work. "I start hearing these inconsistent messages from everyone," said Goldberg. "I just felt like if I was really going to try to figure out whether it was okay to come in and my brain said, 'You know what? Until they can get themselves together — the governor and the mayor — until they can figure out what they're doing, I should not go in."'

She added that she is healthy and joked that her doctor "is very annoyed" with her.

During The View's March 13 episode, Joy Behar announced that she planned to take a break from the show. After stating that the program's producers have been doing "their due diligence" to keep the studio clean, Behar said that she felt more comfortable staying home due to her age.

"I'm thinking maybe I should stay home and do what they call 'socially distance' myself," she said. After her daughter texted her to ask her plans, Behar concluded that she would stay home.

"I have to point out I'm in a higher risk group cause of my age, but I'm perfectly healthy," she added. "I'm doing this myself. Luckily I don't have to worry about childcare and stuff like that and I have enough money to take off some time."

Behar later appeared during Monday's episode of the talk show, where she called in from home along with Goldberg.

McCain was absent from Monday's episode of The View. After noting that McCain would not appear during the episode, Goldberg wished her co-host well.

"We want to start by giving a big congratulations to her and her husband Ben because Meghan is pregnant," she said. "We'll be talking to her all about this later this week."

Goldberg added that the news is "wonderful given everything that's happened before with pregnancy." The host was referencing McCain's miscarriage in 2019.

March 23, 11:57 a.m. Updated with information from Monday's episode of The View.