Clinton Supporters Throw Election Night Party at President-Clinton Intersection

President Clinton intersection - H

Voters took to social media to post about the NYC corner on Election Day.

The Carroll Gardens neighborhood in Brooklyn is drawing a lot of attention from Hillary Clinton supporters because of one intersection.

The spot in the New York City borough is where the streets President and Clinton meet — an omen that has not gone unnoticed by voters on Election Day. Supporters and celebrity fans of the Democratic nominee and New Yorker have been happily surprised upon spotting the intersection, taking to Twitter to document the finding and to say they are with her.

On election night, documentary film editor Amanda Zinoman threw a victory party at the intersection. The block was closed to cars from 7-10 p.m., and Zinoman told Gothamist that she's obtained the necessary NYPD permit — plus a projector screen and sound system. "It's time for a woman," she told the website.