'President' commands Korean weekend boxoffice

Top films a mix of domestic, Hollywood, Japanese fare

SEOUL -- “Good Morning President,” this year’s Pusan film festival opener and actor Jang Dong-kun’s comeback film, topped the Korean weekend boxoffice attracting 816,600 admissions on 671 screens since opening Thursday.
“District 9” which came in second, drawing 158,364 weekend admissions for 618,900 in total, followed by sci-fi flick “Pandorum,” starring Dennis Quaid with 81,982.
“New York I Love You,” a follow-up to “Paris Je t'aime” featuring several love stories by directors including Shunji Iwai and Natalie Portman, came in fourth, drawing 46,092 over the weekend. Two Korean romances followed, “Closer to Heaven” and “The Sword with No Name,” each attracting 34,007 and 32,923 admissions. “Closer to Heaven” has attracted 2.11 million total viewers, and “The Sword with No Name” has 1.66 million since opening in September.
“I Come with Rain,” Tran Anh Hung’s much-anticipated action film featuring Josh Hartnett and Lee Byung-hun, has attracted 27,887 admissions since opening in mid-October, followed by “Busan,” “Aeja” and the Japanese animation “Naruto Shippuden.”