President Obama on 'Between Two Ferns': Zach Galifianakis 'Was Pretty Nervous' (Audio)

Funny or Die
President Obama on "Between Two Ferns"

The commander-in-chief called in to Ryan Seacrest's radio show Friday morning and revealed some behind-the-scenes details of his hit Funny or Die video.

President Obama called in to On Air With Ryan Seacrest on Friday morning as part of the administration's ongoing effort to encourage young people without health insurance to sign up for coverage by going to by the March 31 deadline.

During his time on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, the president also talked about his earlier attempt to reach young people this week, by appearing on Zach Galifianakis' Funny or Die show Between Two Ferns, which debuted online early Tuesday morning.

VIDEO: President Obama Stars in 'Between Two Ferns' Skit

Obama revealed that despite the conceit of the show being that Galifianakis' host goes after his guests, he seemed a bit worried about really letting Obama have it.

"Zach actually was pretty nervous," the president said. "It was funny to watch you know, 'cause this whole Between Two Ferns shtick … his whole character is to go after the guests. I think he was looking around seeing all these Secret Service guys with guns and thinking, 'I wonder what happens here if I cross a line?' "

The president also admitted that while he wasn't familiar with Between Two Ferns before his staff discussed appearing on the program with him, his daughter Malia is a big fan of the show.

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"When I was at the dinner table with the girls, and I said, 'Today I did something with Zach; it's called Two Ferns, I think,' Malia was so excited," Obama said. "She, you know, had seen all the previous episodes, so I figured it was going to reach our target audience, which was a lot of young people."

The president noted the surge in traffic to following his appearance on the show, adding that people actually signed up for health insurance on the site.

"So it ended up working, but I think I better keep my day job," he said.

Listen to Obama's full interview, in which he also talks about his recent shopping trip to The Gap and the importance of signing up for health insurance before March 31, below.