Bill Clinton, Dave Matthews Campaign With President Obama in Virginia

Bill Clinton Barack Obama Virginia Nov 3 - H 2012

More than 24,000 people attended the event, the fourth of the day for the commander in chief, who earlier appeared at rallies with Katy Perry and John Mellencamp.

Dave Matthews and Bill Clinton boosted a rally for President Obama in Virginia Saturday, which attracted an estimated 24,000 people.

Clinton, who was losing his voice from campaigning, said he had given “my voice in the service of my president," the AP reported.

The former commander in chief also praised Obama’s economic plan, saying he had done well after being dealt a bad hand.

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The rally comes on a day in which thousands came out to see the president at a total of four rallies, some of which included star power.  More than 20,000 attended an event for president featuring Katy Perry in Milwaukee, WI. Five thousand-plus people saw the president with John Mellencamp in Debuque, Iowa.

First Lady Michelle Obama also received some celebrity help, appearing in Oxford, Ohio with About 2,600 people turned up at the rally, according to the local university newspaper, The Miami Student.