President Obama's Best Buy Christmas Surprise for Sasha and Malia Spoiled By Reporters

While the first family vacations in Hawaii, the commander in chief attempts to play Santa.

The first family may be vacationing in Hawaii this season, but even the distance didn't prevent Sasha and Malia Obama (10 and 13, respectively) from -- potentially -- sneaking an early peek at their Christmas gifts.

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A group of pool reporters followed President Obama on Wednesday as he played Santa, shopping for gifts at a Best Buy in Alexandria, Va. Reports were then published via the New York Daily News D.C. bureau and the Associated Press, claiming that the POTUS had purchased a Just Dance game for Wii, Sims 3: Pets, and a pair of $50 iTunes gift cards. Here's hoping the girls are busy enjoying the beach, rather than reading up on Internet reports.

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Always with a sense of humor, Obama joked with reporters that, "The girls beat me every time on these dance games."

"But you'll never get a picture of me [playing] because I get graded F every time," he added.

Whipping out his plastic to pay the $194.48 bill, Obama teased, "Let's see if my credit still works." Of course, it did.

Earlier that day, Bo -- the first dog -- embarked on a trip to PetSmart with the Obama, where he "appeared to be sizing up" a fellow poodle. The K9 walked away with two items, including one large dog bone.

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