Clintons, Diane Sawyer Join President Obama on List of High Profile 'Homeland' Fans

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The Golden Globe-winning Showtime series is a hot cable commodity in the oval office and beyond.

The West Wing -- the real West Wing, that is, as opposed to the Aaron Sorkin-created TV show -- isn't immune to the hot cable series of the moment. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that President Obama requested and received at least four sets of Homeland's season-one episodes on DVD, and he's been quoted as saying the Showtime terrorist drama is one of his favorite shows.

Obama's not the only international relations player to express interest in the show.

A Bill Clinton staffer recently contacted Showtime's PR department to request a set of DVDs for the former president, who was also a fan of Fox's 24. This could a bit of homework for Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, or purely for entertainment value - or both. It's certainly good advertising for the show's political relevancy.

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Another Homeland fan: ABC's Diane Sawyer, who put in a recent request for DVDs, basically saying she and husband Mike Nichols would not be able to go away on holiday vacation unless they got it. (Needless to say, they did.)

Earlier this month, the freshman series, heading into its sophomore season, collected Golden Globes for best drama and best actress for Claire Danes.

Executive producers Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa said backstage after winning their award that they'd been concerned ahead of the show's debut -- namely, that the country would have terrorism fatigue over the war on terror. But a couple thins happened that worked in its favor: the country marked the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 and Osama Bin Laden was killed. "Both those events allowed the country to breathe a sigh of relief," Gansa said.