President Obama Joins Quora With First Verified Profile

AP Photo/Larry Downing
President Barack Obama

The president joined the question-and-answer site Monday to discuss the Affordable Care Act.

President Barack Obama is continuing his promotional campaign for the Affordable Care Act with a stop at question-and-answer website Quora. 

The president joined the service Monday to answer two questions about his health insurance initiative, which has an enrollment deadline of March 31. 

"The Affordable Care Act is geared toward a younger demo," Alex Wu, Quora's head of product marketing and partnerships, tells THR. "The president likes to go where those audiences are. With Quora he's plugging into a very active audience that's already curious about these questions."

One of the questions that Obama answered was about how the ACA will affect a young person's life. In his response, he wrote, "It gives you the freedom to try several jobs until you find the one you love, chase that new idea, or start your own business, without fear that the unexpected will derail your dreams."

With his Quora debut on Monday, Obama becomes the first person with a verified account on the service. A number of other public figures will also receive little blue check marks -- similar to those found on Twitter -- as Quora rolls out its verification program over the coming weeks.  

Other public figures who will be verified include Ashton Kutcher, Alfonso Cuaron and Michael Buble. Cuaron has been active on Quora answering questions about the filming of Gravity. Meanwhile, Buble has used the service to discuss Christmas music.