Obama's Trip to L.A. Sparks Criticism, Jokes Around the Internet

Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

"Why is O too good for the 720 Rapid?" opines one resident, while another quips that the best way the president can lose L.A. voters is to "create massive traffic jams."

President Obama returned to Los Angeles on Monday as part of a fund-raising trip to further tap into Hollywood money.

Shortly after arriving in the late afternoon, the president and his entourge decided to make a surprise trip to Roscoe's House of Chicken 'n Waffles, where the chief executive ordered the #9 “Country Boy” – three wings with choice of waffle, potato salad or French fries. 

The motorcade then set out to Hancock Park, where the president was attending a $35,800-per-person dinner at the Hancock Park home of Hitch producer James Lassiter and his wife, Mai.

Immediately following was Obama's Latino fundraising gala at the nearby home of Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas.

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But it seems that not everyone was excited about the president being back in town.

Early Monday night, several Angelenos took to Twitter to complain -- and quip -- about the massive traffic jams that Obama's visit was causing during rush-hour traffic.

Among the tweets:

Actor Liam McKenna
Obama causing traffic chaos in LA today. Disrupting our filming schedule!

ESPNLA.com writer Arash Markazi
The president makes more trips to LA than an LA NFL team would play weeknight games. #traffic

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Huffington Post blogger Joel Epstein
Obama visit to L.A. shuts down Wilshire & 6th Street ... Why is O too good for the 720 Rapid? #transit #obama

Alex Carlos
Man... Obama has this city going crazy. Mad traffic.

So Obama is in LA somewhere and it's hella traffic !! Beware

President Obama just passed by my house..... there were literally 20 police cars surrounding him. the traffic made me miss yoga :<

Dear Obama, What's the best way to lose voters in LA? You got it, create massive traffic jams!

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Aisha Allen
Obama in La is makin this LA traffic simply rediculus

MoMo doe.
Dear mr president Obama, please stop making LA traffic worse every time u come here!!! Fly, secret tunnel, SOMETHING! Sheesh! ❤ Alexandria

The fact that Obama stopped at Roscoes and completely fawked up LA traffic. Even ALL sidestreets. . . My anxiety can't handle this!!!!

Adam Lucas
Thank you Obama. Traffic is snarled.

Jay Ruston
Obama destroying LA traffic AGAIN. I wouldn't care if he'd done a good job, which he hasn't. His stance on the environment is appalling.

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Sunny in LA
What's the use of television when they're not broadcasting this Obama traffic thing while it's burning up Twitter like crazy?

Eric Schwabel
Whoever approved this Obama traffic detour in LA with no signs, cops directing us to dead ends, needs to resign from nythng planning-related

Seema Mehta
LOTS of unhappy tweets from annoyed Angelos re: #Obama creating traffic when he comes to town to raise $$$ #2012

Chris Jacobs
WTF Is the deal with LA traffic control?? Obama comes to town and they can't figure out a manageable way to divert traffic? #itsnotthattough

Watching Obama traffic on Wilshire from our conference room...you know it's bad when people in LA start parking and walking.