Martin Sheen Takes On Liberal Hollywood's Obama Bashing (Video)

During an interview on HLN's Joy Behar Show, along with son Emilio Estevez, the activist-actor bristles at the mention of Michael Moore and Matt Damon.

When it comes to celebrity activism, few if any Hollywood liberals wield more gravitas than Martin Sheen. So listen up, Matt Damon and Michael Moore: Knock off the criticism of President Obama.

In a segment of The Joy Behar Show set to air Tuesday night on HLN, Sheen, sitting next to son Emilio Estevez, is asked about instances where Moore, Damon and others in Hollywood expressed displeasure with Obama. Judging from the way he bristles at the mere suggestion, he’s not pleased with them.

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“Matt Damon and Michael Moore,” says Joy Behar, “are bashing Obama a bit. They’re saying they’re not happy with what he’s done. Where do you come out on that?”

“Steady, steady. No,” Sheen cautions. “You’re talking about a very special man. I adore him, and I think he’s doing a great job.”

Behar plays the role of devil’s advocate in the segment.

“They’ve been criticizing him mercilessly because the economy has not come back,” she says.

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“But had they, you know, focused on the real problem?” Sheen asks about his celebrity-activist colleagues.

Corporate America needs to be chastised more and Obama less, according to Sheen.

“You know, they talk about patriotism. They’re more interested in profits, you know? That’s where the problem lies. It’s corporate America.”

Estevez lets his dad do the talking during this portion of the interview, not indicating whether he agrees or not until Sheen -- prompted by Behar -- compares Obama to Robert Kennedy. “He’s still the only adult in the room, frankly,” Sheen says of Obama as Estevez nods in agreement.

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“And the smartest guy,” Behar reminds them.

“The smartest guy,” Sheen agrees.

The father and son were promoting their film, The Way, which stars Estevez and Sheen and was written and directed by Estevez.

As his father bashed corporations, Estevez offered his opinion that “keeping the jobs at home” is important, though he acknowledged he shot The Way in Spain.

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“I really had to meditate on that, and it was tough to take a film out of the country,” Estevez said.

Although the show hasn’t aired yet, the political right is already ridiculing the interview.

Noel Sheppard of Newsbusters, a unit of the Media Research Center, for example, dissected just about every economic claim made by the trio and offered the counterarguments.

He ends his piece with: “Yeah, Obama’s the smartest guy and the only adult in the room. Judging by his results to date -- Romper Room.”

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