Obama-Romney Debate: Hollywood Tweets About Bayonets, Horses and a Sweaty Candidate

Presidential Debate Candidates Wave - H 2012
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Presidential Debate Candidates Wave - H 2012

Stars spent much of the debate panning the GOP candidate, including what they saw as his parroting of Obama's positions; "Mitt's entire debate strategy: What he just said, but from a white guy," tweeted Bill Maher.

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney sparred in the third and final presidential debate Monday night, in a contest that saw CBS' Bob Schieffer question the candidates on a number of weighty foreign policy issues. 

But Hollywood focused on what it saw as the comedy of the debate -- from Romney promoting his website to Obama zinging the GOP challenger's military budget by saying our military no longer needed horses and bayonets.

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Below are some of Hollywood's best tweets from the debate.

When asked how to cut defense spending, Romney said to look at his website for his plan. That didn’t impress Will.i.am and others.

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The president hit back after Romney said the U.S. Navy was less prepared than it was in 1916, because it now has fewer ships. Obama responded "we also have less horses and bayonets," because of the changing nature of military technology. A number of stars seized upon that moment.

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Israel -- and the threat a nuclear-armed Iran might pose to it -- was a hot topic in the debate, with Romney saying the last four years had largely been wasted when it came to stifling Iran’s nuclear ambitions. That prompted this tweet:

A number criticized Romney for what they viewed as repeating what Obama had already said, with HBO's Bill Maher tweeting, "Mitt's entire debate strategy: What he just said, but from a white guy"

Maher was pleased the president hit Romney on an old quote in which he said it wasn’t necessary to “move heaven and earth” to find one person (referencing Osama bin Laden).

"Yes yes yes! Hit em with "I wldn't move heaven and earth to get bin Laden" and "I'd ask Pakistan's permission" - Mitt, you were just WRONG!” He added: “To clarify, Mitt is for moving heaven and earth, but only in regards to mining.”